6 Reasons to choose Lacalut® Dental Products

More than 60 countries sell Lacalut® products, which are made in our production facilities in Homburg, Germany, also home to our corporate headquarters.

Gum Health

Lacalut® has over 90 years of experience in creating dental solutions that clean teeth while keeping healthy gums. Our toothpaste and oral care products have a worldwide reputation for offering healthy gum solutions. With nearly a decade of research and expertise, Lacalut® has developed and ensured that our products can provide the greatest solution for healthy teeth and gums, allowing you to maintain your flawless smile!

Exceptional daily oral care

While Lacalut® strives to give solutions for healthy gums, our dental care products are also developed to deliver exceptional everyday oral care solutions to customers worldwide. Over 90 years of Lacalut® research and manufacturing, as well as numerous clinical testings, we have polished our toothpastes and oral products to provide a thorough and efficient clean of our customers’ teeth, tongue, and gums. After a thorough cleaning with our Lacalut® range, our products guarantee that you can feel confidence in your dental care routine.

Many positive reviews

Our dental care products have garnered several excellent testimonies over the course of their 90-year history and distribution in over 60 countries worldwide. We have demonstrated to the globe that our dental care products offer a superior option for healthy teeth and gums than our competitors because 95% of our clients have a very positive reaction to our products. Furthermore, with a 4.8 rating on Amazon and being one of the best-selling gum care toothpastes in Europe, Lacalut® believes in giving everyone a confident grin.

Quality Products

Lacalut® has invested in high performance equipment for various types of mixing and filling used for liquids, pastes, powders, and granules built in Europe, with the highest standards for the pharmaceuticals sector, in order to achieve the greatest quality at our Homburg production facilities.  Our modern production equipment is subjected to rigors European standard testing on a regular basis to ensure the quality of our dental care products. With the highest standard for pharmaceutical companies, you can be confident that Lacalut® goods will be continuously high in quality.

Don’t just take their word for it; put it to the test.

Premium Healthy Ingredients

Seeking to produce exceptional products, Lacalut® Aktiv only uses premium ingredients and materials from the best suppliers and manufacturers in Germany. We hold large volumes of stock at our factories in Homburg, hence we can expedite as many shipments as required. Additionally, Lacalut® Aktiv prides itself on a paraben, gluten, sugar and additive free product that is safe to use on teeth and gums. With no animal testing, you can be assured that your choice is an ethical one.

Clinically Proven

Clinical effectiveness tests have been conducted with both independent research facilities and universities. The University of Freiburg, University Clinic for Dentistry, Oral Medicine and Orthodontics, Department for Orthodontic Retention and Periodontology have all conducted research on our toothpaste and their results say, “In comparison to the initial data, Lacalut® Aktiv shows a considerable improvement of the gums condition index at any given time of the study.” According to their tests, “Lacalut® Aktiv toothpaste has a noticeable effect on gums problems and on the general condition of the gums.” If you’re ready to see improvements in your teeth and gums then you should try our range of dental care products for yourself!

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Healthy gums and teeth!

Success from tradition

Lacalut® is one of the oldest German dental care brands, with over 90 years of experience, ensuring a healthy and carefree smile for its customers. Lacalut® takes pride in being inventive, knowledgeable, and passionate.
The Lacalut® brand is constantly creating new goods in a local research institution in Homburg, driven by the needs of its clients.
This continuous development and research aim to create products that provide Lacalut ® consumers the perfect smile.
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